Board of Directors

The Calgary Tennis Club's 2019 Board of Directors is listed below:

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Please feel free to e-mail us at or contact us at (403) 244-5302.

 President  Naeem Rehman
 Vice President  Monica Hess
 Secretary  Arun Rau
 Treasurer  Brian Marley-Clarke
 Membership  Dana Pallesen
 Communications  Scott
 Fundraising  Tracee Collins
 Tournaments  Arthur Barbosa
 Social  Rana Ankit
 Grounds  Gavin
 Juniors  Patrick Thomas

Click here for details of the Board of Director roles & responsibilities

Click here for the Calgary Tennis Club by-laws

Mandate of the Board of Directors

Custodian of the Future

Make decisions on behalf of Club members that ensure CTC can sustainably provide a quality environment in which tennis players can play.

Quality Tennis

Promote and encourage the playing of tennis at a quality tennis facility.

Create Community

Create a community atmosphere around the Club through food service, a pro shop, attentive tennis professionals, and efficient operations management through paid and volunteer staff.

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