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Sign up for the CTC Singles Ladder every month to participate in the the best singles matches the club has to offer.

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Featuring groupings for Advanced players (5.0+), Intermediate players and even Beginners, all members are encouraged to play in the Singles Ladder League!

Upcoming Singles Ladder

  • Check back for our full Singles Ladder schedule

How it works:

  • Players will be required to self assess, based on Tennis Canada's rating system and provide their best contact phone number
  • Players will be placed in 'groups' with players of similar skill level (4-6 players per group, each month)
  • Players need to organize with the other players in their group via phone or email, to schedule matches
  • Matches are all pro-sets up to 8 (with tie-breaker at 7-7); scores should be recorded in the clubhouse, or emailed to the club manager to track
  • At the end of each month, 2 players from each group will be 'promoted' up to the group of higher skill, while two players will be 'relegated' down a group for the next month
  • Have fun playing some great singles matches, while meeting more people at Calgary Tennis Club!

The fine-print 'rules':

  • All matches are pro-sets to 8, with a tie-breaker at 7-7
  • If a game is not played over the course of the month, you will receive 0 points for that match-up
  • Your TOTAL games won in all played matches will be added up for purposes of group 'promotion' and 'relegation'
  • In the event of a tie in total games between two players at the end of the month, the winner of the match between said two players will move up. The games differential (total games for minus total games against) will be the second tie-breaker. If the tie remains, whoever played MORE matches over the course of the month (to award those actively playing in the league), will be the next tie-breaker. Lastly, if the tie still remains, whomever is seeded higher (name is listed higher in the group) will win the tie-breaker
  • It is the players responsibility to contact the other players in their group, consult the Calgary Tennis Club calendar of events (to ensure a free time/court) and arrange to play the match. The players can decide who brings the balls, etc.

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