Club Rules & Code of Conduct


CTC requires its members and guests to abide by appropriate conduct and tennis attire while using its facility. Jeans and muscle shirts are not acceptable. Please no running shoes while on the courts, or swearing or throwing of racquets. When your ball rolls onto another court, ensure you warn other players so they do not trip. Ask them, when their play has stopped, to return your ball rather than running onto their court to retrieve the ball. Please ensure you use the shoe brushes when you come off the clay courts.

Court Booking Rules:

  • Whenever you play, you must ‘TAG UP’ and write down the time you went on the court. You MUST have TWO tags for singles and FOUR for doubles. You CANNOT hang only one tag and try to hold a court.

  • When bumping another player, you must bump the court that has been on the longest. This only applies for the type of court you desire to play on. For example, if you are waiting for a clay court and there are hard courts open, you do not have to take the hard court; you may tag up and wait for a clay court

  • You are NOT allowed to change your time. The time when you start on the court is the time you keep until you are either done playing or get bumped. If you are bumped, you must all leave the court and tag a new court. Others are not allowed to tag or change your time for you

  • On hardcourts you are allowed 30 minutes for singles and 40 minutes for doubles. If the courts are empty (no one has tagged up after you), you may play for as long as you’d like, but you still have to tag up and write down what time you started at!

  • On clay courts, it is mandatory to sweep AFTER YOU PLAY. Therefore, you are allowed 35 minutes for singles and 45 minutes for doubles on clay courts. The final 5 minutes are for court and line sweeping.

  • If your time is cut off because of watering, you can make up the remaining time after the sprinkler has stopped. For example, if you start at 1:15pm and the court watering begins at 1:30pm, you get 15 more minutes of play time and five minutes to sweep when the sprinkler has finished on your court.

If there are any problems, please contact the Club Manager.

Erasing times or putting them incorrectly is against club rules.

CTC Code of Conduct

Clay Court FAQ

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