Board of Directors

The Calgary Tennis Club's 2019 Board of Directors is listed below:

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Please feel free to e-mail us at or contact us at (403) 244-5302.

 President  Naeem Rehman
 Vice President  Monica Hess
 Secretary  Arun Rau
 Treasurer  Scott Barnett
 Membership  Dana Pallesen
 Communications  vacant
 Fundraising  Tracee Collins
 Tournaments  Arthur Barbosa
 Social  Rana Ankit
 Grounds  Gavin Kraemer
 Juniors  Patrick Thomas

Click here for details of the Board of Director roles & responsibilities

Click here for the Calgary Tennis Club by-laws

Mandate of the Board of Directors

Custodian of the Future

Make decisions on behalf of Club members that ensure CTC can sustainably provide a quality environment in which tennis players can play.

Quality Tennis

Promote and encourage the playing of tennis at a quality tennis facility.

Create Community

Create a community atmosphere around the Club through food service, a pro shop, attentive tennis professionals, and efficient operations management through paid and volunteer staff.

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